So along came a spider while testing the 56mm Fujinon Aspherical lens.

This week in pix

This week before a very heavy schedule of photographic courses I thought I add some spice into the days - start with a 4:00 am wake up call to get my tush out on the street and get in some seeing before I get to the studio. This has me walking around Hamstead Heath and Central London at 5:30 am. So these images are from that time. On IG go to  @stuffcarlsees where its beginning to happen.

Back on Instagram

Four years ago I embarked on a year long Masters degree. I was researching the encroaching tsunami (trend) of latent photographic talent hiding out in the day jobs and schools around the globe being let loose on on a little app known as Instagram. I was predicting how this was going to shift seismically the future of commercial photography. Exhausted by the work and the results which I had discovered and was myself caught within I thought I’d take three weeks off from posting on it. That turned into three years already and so I return to @stuffcarlsees. Design @jorgesengers.

Hosting the Masterclass for UPF17

I’m pleased to announce that The Mango Lab, in conjunction with Urban Photo Fest 2017, will hold the second annual Weekend Masterclass. We have invited the very talented  2016 Vienna PhotoBook winner Francesca Catastini to present her two-day workshop exploring creating visual language and communicating in the visual form to an audience. Only a few seats remaining for the 11-12 Nov date. To enroll or read more about the workshop see the link here : https://lnkd.in/gpVydGe

Speaking at AAF Battersea

Had a fabulous afternoon at the Affordable Arts Fair Battersea leading a talk on my research examining sourcing Instagram to start one’s photography collection. Excellent venue, wonderful participants and active voices…. a speaker’s dream! More in print here - https://lnkd.in/g3R8crD